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Pisces are people too...

Even if they don't even know it!

December 12th, 2007

Wow @ 09:45 pm

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Okay, I know that I had indicated in my last post that it had been awhile since I written anything, but I didn't realize how close to the truth that statement was. It was only 2 years but now it feels like a lifetime. I figured if I am going to start "journaling" again I should delete everything from the past and start fresh. Well since LJ isn't as high tech as some things the only way I could figure to do it was one at a time.
It was interesting. I learned that I really was crazy. If 2 years away from that mess has taught me anything it's that the past needs to remain the past no matter what and if you can't get over it the only thing to do it totally separate yourself from anything that won't let you move on and let go. Let the other person waste their life on it.
Someone once told me that anger is an emotion that only belongs to you, why people feel the need to share and spread that emotion is their own problem.  Suck it up-drive on.
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Date:December 13th, 2007 03:59 pm (UTC)
Dwelling on the past is bad.

Learning from it is good.

So forgetting your past is not a good thing. It's just how you cope with it that decides who you are.
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Date:December 24th, 2007 12:19 am (UTC)
your past has made you who you are but its not all you are. It's not something that could control you and everything is a learning experience. Some parts are good, some are bad but hopefully you learned something from all of them.

Pisces are people too...

Even if they don't even know it!